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The only existing original painting being offered online by Darren Rea currently.


Introducing a vibrant painting that beautifully illustrates the Spirit Form on the Horizon.


This captivating piece measures approximately 16 inches by 32 inches, making it an impactful addition to any space. Darren has expertly used bold, rich colors to convey the ethereal presence of the spirit form, creating a mesmerizing visual experience for the viewer. This one-of-a-kind painting offers a unique perspective on the natural world and would make an eye-catching focal point in any home or office.


Created as an original from the imagination and hands of Darren Rea in Calgary Alberta Canada, The traditional territory of the Blackfoot, Stoney Nakota, and Tsuu T'ina, and is now home to the Metis Nation of Alberta.

Spirit Form on Horizon

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